Playlist: Le Guess Who?

In mid-November, I fucked off to Utrecht in the Netherlands to visit Le Guess Who? for a second year running.

My friend convinced me to go last year after years of visiting the city. It’s an incredible festival. One minute you might be watching an electronic artist meets cellist in a church, the next you might be watching a colossally loud stoner rock band in a warehouse. Nothing really makes sense, and it really doesn’t matter.

Anyway, here are 11 highlights from the long weekend. And if you ever get the chance to go to either Utrecht or Le Guess Who?, you should.


Yn nghanol mis Tachwedd, nes i fuckan off i Utrecht yn yr Iseldiroedd i fynychu Le Guess Who? am yr ail-waith.

Nath ffrind fi fynnu bod fi’n mynd ar ol blynyddoedd o ymweld a’r ddinas. Ma’n wyl anhygoel. Un munud ti’n gwylio artist electronic sy’n chwarae’r cello a’r funud nesaf ti mewn warehouse yn gwylio band stoner rock uffernol o drwm a swnllyd. Does dim byd yn neud sense yna, a dyw e’ really ddim yn broblem.

Anyway, dyma 11 o’n hoff artistiaid nes i weld mas yna.